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Export Network

Export Network


  • Export of beverages via sales intermediaries (Importers) around the world.
  • The procedure involves providing drinks to ships, industrial companies operating on the high seas, 


The SABC Group is present in Europe, America and CEMAC with 17 intermediaries who distribute products through a vast distribution network.

Conditions to join us:

  • A Professional Merchant Card, or an extract of registration in the Trade and Credit Register (RCCM), a Kbis Number or any document relative.
  • A copy of  National Identity Card or passport
  • A license for liquor stores
  • A license to sell valid sanitary and alcoholic beverages;
  • A map of the location (s) of the store (s) and the certificate of ownership or rental agreement of the store (s) whose capacity, layout and safety rules meet the Supplier's standards that the importer declares that he is perfectly well acquainted with having received them from him;
  • Business liability insurance and goods transported
  • The RIB of his bank accounts assigned to his activity.
  • Various permissions

Contact : sbayab@sabc-cm.