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« General» Emmanuel DE TAILLY visits Troops in the South West and North West régions : « Promise made, Promise kept »

Mr. Emmanuel DE TAILLY, General Manager of SABC Group, paid a working visit to the southwest and north-west regions from the 22nd to the 23rd of January 2019, during which he resounded the bell of one team, one goal. This visit is part of the promise held recently at the Yaoundé Commercial seminar. The aim is to go round the country to encourage collaborators and thank local authorities. The effectiveness of the visit, is due to surprise more than one, especially by its timing.

Taking into consideration the security crisis that the Southwest has been going through for more than two years with a negative impact on activities, the GM decided to begin his tour of the year 2019 with OMBE. On his arrival on Tuesday, January 22, he shook hands with staff found on the site accompanied by a message of comfort: "Congratulations and all my encouragement; Continue to raise our flag higher, and keep the same rigor on compliance with the safety instructions, hold a brief every morning on safety and security, I am wholeheartedly with you”

At arrival at the Bamenda commercial centre by 10h 20 am on Wednesday 23 January, Mr. DE TAILLY, alongside his close collaborators: Gustave ZOA, regional Director of the West, Anselme MENOUNA, Director of distribution and Etienne MOUTNGUI, Director of safety and security. They quickly made the tour of the commercial centre before starting meetings with the staff.

To the staff, the GM commended collaborators for the impressive results achieved in recent years despite the very tense security situation. “This denotes the vitality and solidarity of all. I urge you to strengthen the team spirit and to remain in solidarity. The SABC Group is apolitical and all our initiatives in this country are aimed at contributing to the development of communities. Our daily struggle is to protect you. None of you will lose your job because of the current troubles. To better address your concerns, we expect you to establish an action plan (PDCA)”.

To the PVL, the GM did not fail to congratulate them for their courage and commitment "despite hard times, “you are doing a remarkable job. We are aware that your business is no longer profitable and will as soon as possible, for those who wish, redeploy some of you to other regions. For those who will not be comfortable with that method, we will buy back their trucks and they can return to the group as soon as the situation becomes normal within the framework of the new distribution. »
Shortly after his visit to the CC of Bamenda, the GM and his delegation paid a courtesy call to administrative and military authorities of the region.
At the office of General AGHA Robinson, commander of the 5th Joint Military Region of Bamenda surrounded by his staff and the general commander of the Gendarmerie, the GM warmly thanked the Army for the support it provides in the protection of our staff and our heritage. The general welcomed the GM's presence and promised to continue his mission of protecting men and property.

At the office of Governor Adolphe LELE, it was first of all to present best wishes of the SABC group to the north-west administration. Subsequently, the two men spoke at length about the economic impact of this crisis in the region. The GM then expressed its satisfaction with the measure taken by the administration for the return to calm. The governor expressed his optimism for a rapid resumption of economic activities.

Through these visits to areas under tension, Mr Emmanuel DE TAILLY has shown that, as a good General, he will never hesitate to defy security challenges to be close to workers.
Before returning to Douala, he expressed his satisfaction to the warm welcome and serenity that, he was able to discover in Ombe and Bamenda, even though more efforts are still to be made at the security level.