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Atang Ngwe Bikum : « Language barrier was my major challenge »

Celebrating 70 years of success is not given but the Les Brasseries du Cameroun is still ready to go further at the service of Cameroonians.
Celebrating our success is also celebrating our workers and staff who through their commitment, devotion and desire have been with us through thick and thin.
Atang Ngwe Bikum has been at the Les Brasseries du Cameroun since 2002 where she served as office clerks in various branches of our prestigious firm. Her illustrious career has seen her work diligently in our branches in Bonaberi and Kumasi.
Hard work has always been rewarded at the Les Brasseries du Cameroon and Mme Ngwe Bikum, mother of three, is one of such beneficiaries as she was transferred to Edea and promoted as a versatile employee.
Her hard work in Edea after serving as cashier, store keeper and Administrative sales developer as well has replacing other colleagues in towns like Kribi and Mbanga earned her another massive promotion.
In 2017, she was transferred to Bamenda as a group head where she is presently serving.
Beyond acquiring professional and technical expertise at the Les Brasseries du Cameroun, Atang Ngwe Bikum who could not utter a word in French when she just arrived back in 2002 is perfectly bilingual today.
This has been possible through her ability to adapt to persons from various cultural background at the company which employs Cameroonians from all works of life..
Despite challenges she has gone through, Atang Ngwe Bikum has stood the test of time for the past 17 years and she deserves to be celebrated.
Celebrating our 70th anniversary with our staff is a sign of our commitment to Performance, Responsibility, Integrity, Loyalty, Professionalism and Innovation. That is why we are a united and strong team.